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Result Back For TMA01

Ah, nuts. I did worse for an assignment on DD101, but this was not a good start for a Level 2 course: a Pass 3 in OU-speak, or a what normal people would call a 2:2.

Still, it’s substitutable so if the rest go well I’ll be ok.


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Submitted TMA01

Last night I sent off TMA01. The deadline for this snuck up quietly, without the anticipation that came with the DD101 assignments: I don’t know if this is due to feeling more comfortable with the OU and essay writing process or because I haven’t really cared much about this particular subject.

I looked at the psychosocial and constructionist theories and think I have summarised them well enough, although I am unsure about the application part – I threw in a few examples so hopefully that will be enough. This lunchtime I plan on working on the key terms for the exam (read “working” as “cutting and pasting from existing notes”), and then it’s onto the second assignment.

TMA02 is a choice of two questions – one being on Chapter 2, about evolutionary psychology. I have read this chapter already, and if I didn’t care much for identity god knows what sort of mess this TMA well end up in.

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Thinking About TMA01 Pt. 2

I haven’t done anything over the weekend on TMA01 – my excuse being it was my birthday and I had other things to do. Prior to the weekend I had completed my notes on Chapter 1 and started the essay – I have chosen to write about the psychosocial and constructionist theories. The summaries are going ok – in fact I could probably use all the word count on the summarising – but it’s the application that’s harder.

The ethics questions have also been completed – I found this fairly easy, and so am worried that I’ve got them wrong. I’m also assuming I have to reference these.

Also mustn’t forget that I’ve also got to familiarise myself with the terms on page 20 of the example exam book. You shouldn’t forget this either.

If you’d like to know about my weekend, I saw The Dillinger Escape Plan and Micah P Hinson on Thursday and Saturday respectively, and spent the morning of my birthday watching In The Night Garden Live at Cannon Hill Park. Here’s the Tombliboos:

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Last Night’s Tutorial

Sutton College is quite nice, particularly with the absence of students, although the security guards were a bit surly. There were maybe 15 other students, some who I knew (by face) from the DD101 day schools, and my tutor seemed a little unprepared but pleasant enough.

There was no talk about TMA01 (a fellow student asked something about embodiment and disability but there was no proper answer given) – this was a shame given that the next Day School and opportunity to discuss the question face-to-face isn’t until after the deadline for TMA01.

Some things I picked up (which I must remember) about DSE212 TMAs and the exam:

• I also have a feeling that the referencing is going to be different again.
• Part 1 of the exam is the short answer questions. Page 20 of the Specimen Exam Booklet lists the terms and concepts relevant to each Chapter, and therefore the things that I should know about – for Chapter 1 it’s social identity theory, social constructionism, minimal group, embodiment and core identity. So, maybe embodiment is important after all.
• The TMAs are on Chapters 1, 2, 4, 6 & 8. Therefore, the essay questions in Parts 2 & 3 will be on Chapters 3, 5, 6 & 9.

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Thinking About TMA01

It’s taking a long time to get back into reading and studying. I’ve had a read through of Chapter 1 of the coursebook, and am now having a second go at it with a highlighter; after this it’ll be onto the pen and paper making notes. I’ll be interested to see if every part of the chapter is relevant; in DD101 it was possible to get away with reading only one of the assigned parts, and I’m planning on ignoring the last part of Chapter 1 (about embodiment and identity).

The actual TMA appears straightforward: 1,000 words on two theories. There are also two questions about ethics, something that is covered in the Introduction in the coursebook and something that I, again, must re-read. I’m a little concerned that the Planner tells me I also have to start reading the Methods Book – something I haven’t even glanced at yet.

The forums were a bit mental, in that only moderators have been allowed to create threads and so each thread contains hundreds of posts – far too many to read and too easy to lose yourself in. I understand that it may be more concise and help avoid duplication, but my gosh it’s intimidating. Regional forums have now been set up; my one is for four tutorial groups, so I’ll have to see how busy it gets.

I have my first tutorial on Thursday, conveniently at (what was once called) Sutton College and only ten minutes (by bike) from my house – much handier than the other side of the city in Harborne. I’m assuming it will be a ‘tutorial’ with just my tutor group rather than a day school with everyone from the region. I’d like to get the notes done from Chapter 1 before attending, so no Freeview+’d True Blood for me tonight.


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